Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Finley Found F&L

I think i've found a place that sells feel and learns. It'll be a while before i get to it, but stay updated.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Post Comeing Out

Being a TB and Gay doesn't feel the same after you come out. I just feel guility and embaresed all the time. I'm regreting throwing out the goodnites, also. Just telling the aftermath. Bye.


Always looking for friends.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Soon to Get

I've just learned from "Windelwiki" that Pampers easy-ups size 6 will fit a 92cm (36") waist and a 60 cm (23") Crotch (distance between belly butten and the simerlar spot on the back). I'm just a little bigger, so i'm going to find Pampers feel and learn size 6, the next level in pampers sizes. As always, will keep you updated. Peace.

Friday, February 2, 2007

First Diapers

All I first wanted to do was pee in my diaper. So I bought a pack of goodnites. It was very hard to do. I left and returned to the store twice, and browsed for about 10 minutes each time. But I eventually did. I took them home and tore them open. They didn't fit!!! I threw them out, but then went to retrieve them to try one. The pee went everywhere! It's a good thing i did it in the shower. I took it off and showered up. I then considered keeping a few goodnites, but reconsidered. I threw out the wet one and the rest of them. In the whole ordeal, I jacked off 3 times, so I guess i enjoyed it a little bit. I intend to buy some pampers, sixe 6 next, give those a try. Maby some pull-ups after that. Little Swimers. Maby jusr go in my pants to. Enentually, I will need to upgrade to attends, so i can both poop and pee. I will report everything!

Talking About it With Mom

Ok. This morning I talked to my mom about being a TB. I've always beem insecure, so she offered to send me to counceling. But here is the best part. She said she was ok with it, and even said I could buy diapers!! I think this will turn out good.

Comeing Out

Ok. Here we go. I've come out to my mother about both being gay and a TB. I first told here that i was gay, which was actually the easy part. I didn't have the guts to come about being a TB, so I asked her to look at the wikipedia entry for infantilism after I went to bed, and informed her that it pertained to me. She now knows everything.


Ok. I am 14, and a boy.I am also what is called a Teen Baby. I like to where diapers and do babyish things, which for me mainily means sucking on a soother. I am also gay. These things are obvously very hard for a teenager who is still in Junior high. This blog will talk about my exploits as a teen Baby. Keep in mind, the first few posts will be in close succesion, as they have already happened.